Fashion Days Zurich

Ok, If taking my camera to this show wasn't a quick crash course in speed settings, ISO settings and aperture, I don't know what was. Here are a couple of my favorites (even if they aren't perfect)! I plan to sit down and analyze what went wrong and what went right (there was way more wrong in all of the photos) and then share some of my findings soon!

Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg - would love to see this in the winter with snow blanketing it =)

Vintage Bag Giveaway

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Swiss Architecture/Homes

I'm always thinking of ways to take pictures of the Swiss houses around - I think they are so's one way, I guess!



My little corner of Switzerland has been invaded by a gorgeous moody fog the last few days and I can't stop taking pictures of the water, I have quite a few to sift through!

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Thanks for all of your support on the photos!

View from Monterosso

I was in Cinque Terre (Italy) for a few days - you'd think I had been there a year with all the pics I took...stay tuned!

the stanserhorn

The Stanserhorn
(Stans, Switzerland)
I really am going to get back in to 'things i'm learning' mode soon, but I haven't really touched the camera from that perspective in a couple weeks!

a photo challenge

This picture was taken from a train on the way to Bern - I cant' get over the yellow fields. I'm posting it as an entry to the In a Yellow House's August photo challenge - you should check it out as well as see other amazing photos. This months theme is "On the Road". Hope I don't get disqualified for from the train tracks :)


Turning pictures into B&W and playing with the shadows and highlights never bores me...
Neither does the sky =)
P.S. These were taken with an iPhone
P.S.S. thanks 
Missy Cheeks Looks for the blog award!

I put this on Village already, but I love this little cloud! And I thought you've been staring at pancakes long enough...
I have some more photos for here, I just need to organize them and get them posted =)

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a giveaway!
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