View from Monterosso

I was in Cinque Terre (Italy) for a few days - you'd think I had been there a year with all the pics I took...stay tuned!

the stanserhorn

The Stanserhorn
(Stans, Switzerland)
I really am going to get back in to 'things i'm learning' mode soon, but I haven't really touched the camera from that perspective in a couple weeks!

a photo challenge

This picture was taken from a train on the way to Bern - I cant' get over the yellow fields. I'm posting it as an entry to the In a Yellow House's August photo challenge - you should check it out as well as see other amazing photos. This months theme is "On the Road". Hope I don't get disqualified for from the train tracks :)


Turning pictures into B&W and playing with the shadows and highlights never bores me...
Neither does the sky =)
P.S. These were taken with an iPhone
P.S.S. thanks 
Missy Cheeks Looks for the blog award!

I put this on Village already, but I love this little cloud! And I thought you've been staring at pancakes long enough...
I have some more photos for here, I just need to organize them and get them posted =)