oh, hi!

Well, I kind of unintentionally took a long break from this blog, right?
but...isn't this beach in norway gorgeous??


I was looking through old FB photos today and came across these two that I still really like - from 2007 or 2008 I think

walls of rome and florence

Yep, I was "that" girl walking around taking pictures of walls!
(the left side is rome, the right side is florence)


Roma - is always kind of magical. That last picture? Completely an accident. A good one.

I don't know about you, but spring seems to be springing my creative motivation and I'm taking out my camera more and more. That was a long winter you guys!

P.S. Thank you so much to Heidi at Finding My Way to featuring some of my photos!
Lausanne, Switzerland - countryside from the train. The second one is all cold, but, I left it in because you can see the pretty vineyards. My friend Linzie and I took a day trip so I have some pictures to sort through! (This is for Linzie's dad, he reminded me that I should be posting more often, ha! Thanks :))

Evenings in Luzern

 Nothing so special about these - just some random shots from around Luzern in the evening. I made them dark and gritty because I like it! Kind of my mood lately...move along, february.

efreeme shop!

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A Question for you...

Hi! If you have a mac, what programs do you use to edit photos? Have you heard of Pixelmator? What are your favorite features or processes for editing? I'm only just entering the world of photo editing outside of the simple Picasa and would love any tips..