Evenings in Luzern

 Nothing so special about these - just some random shots from around Luzern in the evening. I made them dark and gritty because I like it! Kind of my mood lately...move along, february.

efreeme shop!

www.efreeme.com is a sponsor of my main blog, Village. After working with the owner, Diana, I have gotten to know her and really respect her vision for efreeme. I've decided to open a photo shop there - sunday photo - in case anyone is interested in buying any prints. There are a good amount there now but if you ever see a print that you would like to purchase, please let me know and I will list it for you!

If you are interested in opening a similar shop (vintage or handmade)- you should know that efreeme charges no fees for a seller - so whatever price you choose to sell your product out goes straight to you. Additionally, if you list 20 items you will receive $5 during this promotion phase. There's also a referral program where you make the same amount for referring someone. SO if you decide to open a shop, use this link so I can refer you! { My efreeme referral link. }