I interrupt programming to bring you...

a giveaway!
I really don't know if you pay attention to my other blog - but I'm doing a giveaway on it because, well, I love you all basically. You guys are super supportive and things - so you should go over (there) and leave a comment and maybe you'll win! And boys...your ladies might like it to so either way you win!

Lugano II

It seems like Italian towns are so easy to photograph =)
I haven't been talking about my camera/learning very much because I've been so busy and just taking a ton of pictures of wherever/whatever I'm doing. I'm heading in to some down time so hope to re-focus myself on learning more with the Nikon =)

Lake Lugano

Introducing my dog, Bama (as in Alabama...not Obama ;) )
P.S I took these pictures using the S (speed) setting - a faster speed for the top picture, slower on the bottom. 


Have you heard of IndieInk.org?
It's a "non-profit independant literary and art collective" - a platform and community for writers and artists to share their work. I've been reading it for awhile now - and I just love what they are doing. I like that they recognize that there is great work happening at our level - you should definitely check it out and support the artists that submit their work - and submit your own!
My picture of the Pimp Your Society grafiti is up today, see it here
P.S. We can follow each other on Twitter here: @okVillage

Lets talk about ISO

See below for explanation of this...picture

(ISO 3200, f4.8, speed 160)

You're probably wondering if I've gone crazy - I'm posting all these pictures that I really love, etc - and then this one!  Well, first...I take a million pictures that turn out really lame! But my reason for this is ISO. I'm thinking this illustrates the "image noise" that can happen when using a high ISO (3200 in this case). I've discussed how people kept telling me to automatically adjust your ISO before using your camera in M, A, S or P modes but I'm forgetful. I mean, I thought it was adjusted alright for the circumstances...but I think if I would have tried it higher f number (4.8? what was I thinking?) with a tiny bit lower ISO - it would have turned out loads better - do you think?

Views from Pilatus Mountain

I have to admit, I have been lazy with using my manual settings. I used the landscape setting on the Nikon for these pictures. I also played with the color temperature to make them a little warmer. Even though I'm not much of a landscape type picture taker - these views were pretty breathtaking!
Tell me, do you like when I make the pictures large on this blog - or just regular sized like before?