iPhone pics =)

This is an older picture (well, I mean...a couple months ago) that I took with my iPhone and then fixed in Picasa. Do you have Picasa? It is a great (free) way to edit photos if you aren't ready to purchase an expensive editing system.


Lauraloves. said...

ooh, I usually use the online (free)photoshop, but I'll definately give this a try! :)



M said...

WOW. you took this with an iPhone?! It is a FANTASTIC shot! Beautiful! Even if you did fix it up ;)
Love it :)



M said...

PS. what is the location?
and No I don't have Picasa but definitely need to look into getting it!! :)



Anonymous said...

love it! significant other went to take photos today, about 5 mins. ago. he loves landscape shots, and me, not so much. anyway, if you haven't tried www.picnik.com, you should. i really like it.

Esther said...

wow, this looks amazing, especially for an iphone shot! :)

Farah said...

Very nice!! wouldnt have thought it was taken with just an iphone! amazing! xo

Reina said...

this looks so professional!

Mariam Hakim said...

Amazing amazing shot! I just discovered you had another blog haha I love photography.. these are amazing!