First, I sincerely want to thank you for your supportive comments! I started this as a way to document what I'm learning, what pictures I'm taking and random photo related things around the Internet so that I could keep myself accountable and didn't really expect anyone to really read it much less comment! So thank you! It is motivating =)
I admit I haven't been reading my book and applying things like I should be - so my old pictures are a cover up ;) I plan to spend some quality time with it today so stay tuned. 
I've been realizing lately that I definitely prefer taking pictures of things around cities, buildings and people. Landscapes just aren't my thing even though I still do it. I wonder why that is? What do you prefer taking pictures of? 
A member of a Luzern group on FB that I'm a part of is offering a free little 2 hour class on photography this Sunday where he'll be discussing camera basics, depth of field and appropriate zooming based on the subject. My friend and I signed right up so I hope to have some new things to discuss here in a few days!

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Micaela said...

I like so much your blog.
I love all the pics.
I follow you