Tell me, are you a member of I joined last year but only recently started getting more involved with it. It might be a good idea for you if you are serious about your photography, wanting feedback and wanting to stay motivated. They have a lot of themes that you can "enter" your pictures in. Plus, you can find a lot of inspiration as there are so many great photographers - I could spend all day on this website (although, I'm still not sure how it all works). I especially like that you can subscribe to an RSS feed of your favorite photographers so that you will always know when they add a new picture.
My profile is here if you are a member or end up joining


Biana said...

That is a great idea, I will take a look later at home. Maybe I'll join. Thanks for sharing

Lindsey said...

Hmmm, I've never even heard of that site but I'm going to go check it out now! I'm intrigued!

Lauraloves. said...

Never heard of this site before, but I'll definately check it out :)