Shutter Speed and Motion in a Photo

When we discussed Shutter Speed in class, we made sure the left dial of our camera was set to S. This means that we can adjust the Shutter speed and the camera will automatically adjust the aperture (fstop).
Focusing on the shutter speed is perfect for pictures that have motion in them - whether you want to create a blur across the picture or if you want to capture the motion in focus.
Capturing my dog running = fast shutter speed
(this makes me laugh)
Person running is blurry = slower shutter speed

I am still excited to experiment with this - so watch for that.

Now that I'm learning about all of the basics, it definitely takes away from they "style" - as in, when I'm shooting in manual I'm so focused on my settings etc. Will be excited when they become second nature =)


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Anonymous said...

this is really interesting :) thanks for posting! and i kinda like the blurry effect that a slow shutter speed can give.. like the photo in your last post! <33

Valerie said...

This all just comfirms that I need a new camera. :)

M said...

CUTE DOG!!!!!!!


Nina said...

AMAZING photos!